YouTube Is Putting The Comments Section Underneath The Video In The Mobile App, Here's How Users Are Reacting On Social Media

Recently, Google has been on a mission to bring design changes in the Android version of the YouTube app. We saw them in the forms of better adaptation to touch devices, the dedicated “Explore” tab created to help users find more videos relevant to their interests and the addition of filters in the subscription feed.

However, with all the changes already being implemented, there is another UI update that is currently under the testing phase and it relates to making it easier for the user to check comments under any video.

If you’re someone who really likes to read the comments made by the public below every video, then you would know that in the current YouTube app comments section only come after you scroll down all the recommended videos. This mostly ends up in too much of hard work to look at the comments which can be very important sometimes.

Hence, to improve the experience moving forward, YouTube is now planning for a new UI in such a way that the comments section will soon appear in right underneath the video. The Google-owned platform first spotted testing the feature back in October 2019.

The new UI is expected to roll out with version 15.14.33 of the YouTube app on Android and some handful of users even already had the opportunity to experience the design update, which they have also shared with screenshots.

YouTube Is Putting The Comments Section Underneath The Video In The Mobile App, And Some Users Are Not Happy

In the screenshots above, you can see that the comments section has started to appear within a small window and right below the video's description tab. Usually, the window will showcase the top comment related to the video but you can also tap on the comments window to see more of what’s been written by users from different regions and beliefs. However some users after having a habit of scrolling suggested videos at the end of every video might find the extra comment section a bit annoying to scroll. And that's why those users are reacting on this updated on social media platforms:

YouTube, lately, has been striving to achieve more engagement on the platform and with the comments section given the priority, we can expect more users to post their opinions regarding the video they might have just watched.

The design update of the YouTube app will roll out to all users after detailed testing and fixing any kind of plague left in it.

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