iPads and Chromebooks finally have better adaptation to YouTube’s website

You have probably installed the YouTube app on your iPad or Android tablet if you own one. But for those who don’t have the app and browse it on touchscreen personal computers or Chromebooks should now be delighted to hear that the website has been updated to suit your touchscreen technology.

YouTube recently announced several changes and adjustments that all have one purpose and that is to make YouTube better and convenient on touchscreens. The changes include larger and more visible buttons, different types of interactions, brand new options, and a few revised gestures.

The first thing that will catch your eye is that there is a more visible three-dot menu button on the thumbnails of the videos. Previously, A mouse and a trackpad were required as the button would only show up when the mouse is lingering on the screen but now we don’t need to do that as they are easily visible on your screen, and makes everything more convenient for you. So now it is very easy for you to tap the button and download the video, change the quality, add it to watch later and several other actions that you can perform.

We have all these pros and positive impacts but there are also a few downsides, as spotted by AndroidPolice. A feature that provides large playback and control buttons have an impact on the video player. Users had to force Desktop mode on their devices to see them. We hope that YouTube will notice this problem in the future, take the required measures and fix it.

Several more new gestures are also introduced which include swiping down to switch to a mini-player and swiping up to switch to full screen. But there have been cases where users have said that they didn’t work for them. The only gesture they were able to use was swiping up to expand the mini player. Maybe the other gestures are not available to everyone yet or they only work on an iPad - Let’s see what YouTube does about this too.

Moreover, there is a feature that saves you from the hassle - You can now just simply move videos to top or bottom to reorder your playlist instead of dragging and waiting.

Also, YouTube now allows you to again watch the videos you have watched on a specific day as it now divides your history day by day.

These changes started to be available in the month of March so they should now or soon be available to everyone. Hopefully, these improvements should make YouTube’s website much better and accessible to touchscreen users.

Screenshots: Khouryrt / AP.
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