You Can Shop Food Pics On Instagram Now

Food is not only one of the most important things in our real-life, but it certainly stands as a hit content category on Instagram as well. However, as in this unfortunate COVID-19 time, the restaurant industry is struggling, Instagram as a response has stepped up to help such businesses by partnering up with an ordering platform ChowNow.

For months to come, restaurants are bound to rely more on take-away and online delivery. Hence, taking advantage of the situation, Instagram is now offering a feature to restaurants in the form of adding stickers on their posts or stories that can help them in bringing their users to order forms pre-filled with given meals or a page to buy gift cards.

The process is going to take place with the help of ChowNow and it can help restaurants to gather good business, all by making their social media image better. Besides that, if the customers are satisfied, there is also a chance that they might share stickers to spread the word on your behalf.

The best part about the program is that ChowNow doesn’t take any commission on food or gift card orders, but restaurants will still have to pay a monthly subscription fee - ranging in between $99 to $149 if they want to use its ordering and payment tools.

Let’s hope that Instagram’s efforts to keep our favorite restaurants alive with extra cash in this severe crisis work for all of us.

The program may experience some integral changes once Instagram will roll out this feature internationally.

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