Instagram Redesigns The IGTV App To Promote Its Adoption Among Content Creators

  • Instagram’s IGTV derivative is not widely used by the users and the company has redesigned its interface while focusing the content creators to promote its adoption.
  • Instagram has added the ‘popular creator’ tab and ‘discover tab’ to the IGTV’s interface.
  • The way IGTV’s videos are encouraged on the Instagram app is also changed and now users will see a 15-second preview of the IGTV’s video in the creator’s Instagram stories.

Instagram is adding updates to its IGTV app as it has not yet attained widespread usage among its users. Especially the company focuses to promote the usage of the IGTV app itself while promoting its usage within the Instagram app. In these efforts of promoting the IGTV app, Instagram has completely redesigned the IGTV interface which aims to boost the viewership of content creators generating long-duration videos and content.

Instagram reported to The Verge that in the latest update, the users will see a completely new redesigned interface for the IGTV app. The homepage is redesigned to promote particular content creators who are generating long-form content over the platform. Now, when you will launch the IGTV app, a ‘popular creator’ tab will be displayed to you at the top. This tab is specifically customized for each user based on the interests and following of the user. This means that you will see content generated from popular creators you follow on the app and that content which the Instagram’s artificial intelligent servers will think of to be interesting for you.

The IGTV app is also featuring a new ‘discover tab’ along the bottom of the IGTV app interface. The Verge explains that this new discover tab might be a considerable update being made to the IGTV app. IGTV app currently shows content from the creators as ‘popular’ videos whom you are already following on the app which limits you from discovering new content creators and the interesting videos they are uploading over the IGTV platform. The IGTV app is currently naked and the users have to tap on the video to start streaming through the content. The new ‘discover tab’ will help the users to stream through the content faster encouraging the users to actually use the IGTV app while providing relevant content to the users.

Instagram is also rolling out an important change to how the viewers see the IGTV videos being promoted in the Instagram app. Currently creators and influencers are only able to add a freeze-frame of their video content to their Instagram stories to boost the viewership of their IGTV videos. The good news for content creators is that they will now be able to add a 15-second preview of their long IGTV videos to their Instagram stories to boost their video content. The preview will push more users to click through the Instagram story and view the complete IGTV giving the content creators more viewership.

Instagram was promoting the IGTV through the Instagram app previously but these new updates suggest that the company is now focusing on the IGTV app itself. You can get the IGTV app from the app store of your respective smartphone operating system.

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