New YouTube Updates Will Help Reduce Creator Workload and Emphasize Security

Some new updates are coming to YouTube all of which are going to be incredibly useful for the average creator. Now, it’s fair to say that YouTube has not been all that kind to creators in the past but this doesn’t mean that things are not going to change moving forward. According to Creator Insider, one exciting update that is coming is that you will now have more control over channel permissions which means that you can allow other people using different accounts to reply to comments on your videos through your accounts, this is going to be indeed helpful for content moderators and social media managers.

In order to make replying to comments even easier, smart replies are now being rolled out. This will help you to reply to comments more quickly, and much in the same manner that you would see these sorts of things on Gmail you can use the smart reply and then write more after it in order to give your comment a more personal touch all in all.

These are two big updates that will help creators spread the workload and also make it so that they can focus on the areas of their work that matters to them, but another big update is that creators will have to reauthenticate before changing their Google Adsense preferences and settings as well as transferring channel permissions and the like. This will lead to a greater level of security, making channel hacking harder than ever before.

A fourth update that is coming will involve changes made to the icons you see at the bottom of your screen on the mobile app. These icons are being optimized by being filled out instead of being outlines around a shape. This will help people who suffer from visual impairments to get a better result out of their experience and will facilitate greater accessibility to a much wider range of people all in all.

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