Windows And macOS Users Will Soon Be Able To Use Cloudflare's Free VPN

  • Cloudflare brings its WARP VPN services to the desktop in its latest beta.
  • How the WARP VPN secures your internet connection and other aspects which makes it a better VPN service provider than others.
  • The company intends to fund the free service with a paid Warp+ premium service and the benefits you could get if you are a Warp+ subscriber.

Last year in April, Cloudflare introduced its WARP VPN services to the world. The service was previously available only to iOS and Android phone users. Now exactly after one year, the company launched the service to Windows and macOS users.

The WARP VPN was initially an add-on to Cloudflare’s app that is a Domain Name System resolver application that helps you to make your internet faster. The service was immediately popular which might be the reason the company is introducing this service to desktop users now. Millions of people are using the company’s VPN services and Cloudflare expects a huge rise in its users in the upcoming months after the WARP VPN will be available to Windows and macOS users.

The new service is not going to be a normal VPN, says Cloudflare. The service use swift and efficient Wireguard protocol for Windows and macOS to secure your internet connection and helps keeping you from being spied on. WARP VPN uses the User Datagram Protocol instead of the Transmission Control Protocol. This decreases the need to retransmit data making it faster. Caching and compression of data are also used in the process.

According to Cloudflare, their service will be faster than others providing VPN services. The company stated that their WARP VPN will use less battery life making it a better option and the users will be provided with faster services than not having to use a VPN at all.

The company plans not to inject ads and intends to fund its free VPN service with a paid Warp+ premium service program. The basic service of WARP VPN is free for iOS and Android users who are using the mobile app. The same will be the case with Windows and iOS users when it will be available for desktop users. The company is planning to provide a plan for existing WARP+ subscribers. Existing subscribers will get discounted rates for adding additional devices. Existing WARP+ subscribers will also get the benefit of trying the services for their desktop devices before other users. They will receive an invite link from the company to try the WARP VPN for macOS and Windows.

If you have not subscribed for WARP+ yet, you can get added to the waiting list by signing up on the Cloudflare’s website. Interestingly, there were up to 2 million people on the waitlist at one point of the VPN’s history. This refers to the efficiency of Cloudflare’s VPN services.

The company will add WARP+ support on the desktop for Windows and macOS in the coming few months. We expect that WARP VPN for Windows and macOS will be available for public use in the upcoming few months.

Along with that Cloudflare also for families that will automatically filters out bad sites, malware and adult content.

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