A Free VPN Service to be launched by CloudFlare

Cloudflare, an internet network company is planning to complement its DNS service by launching a free VPN app, both for the Android and iOS devices.

The service is being provided as an upgrade to their already launched Warp app, through which can easily be set up on the mobile devices.

It has been claimed by Cloudflare that the service provided by them will be different. With the help of WireGuard VPN protocol, it will be possible to optimize the service for mobile phones. Retransmit will be reduced using the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) in place of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and will be able to provide entire resistant to low-quality connections.

Caching and Compression will also be used by it and unlike other services, battery life will not drain just like that. Also, the service will be much faster.
Cloudflare has also said that it will not put advertisements or record any personally identifiable logs, instead, it will be funded with premium service, Warp+ (a paid option). Warp+ uses the private Argo network of the Cloudflare which provides even better speed, though it is not ready for final release, yet Cloudflare is trying to attract potential audience with different packages.
"If you don’t yet have the App you can download it for free from Apple or Google. Once you’ve done that you’ll see an option to claim your place in line for Warp. As we start onboarding people, your position in line will move up. When it’s your turn we’ll send you a notification and you’ll be able to enable Warp to experience a faster, more secure, more private Internet for yourself.", announced Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare in a blog post. Adding further, "We expect that we’ll begin inviting people on the waitlist to try Warp over the coming weeks. And, assuming demand stays within our forecasts, hope to have it available to everyone on the waitlist by the end of July...And, yes, desktop versions are coming soon.
Cloudflare introduces a free virtual private network app for mobile devices

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