Apple tests a game-changing feature in iOS 14 that will help users improve their device security

Getting your accounts and gadgets hacked is a real bummer. It is a big security problem at this age. This happens because people don’t take care of their privacy themselves. They reuse the passwords or they don’t use the ‘multi-factor’ authentication option which can help in making their privacy better. But, since no one opts for these options; there has been a lot of news and headlines which highlight the issue of the most dangerous hackings happening nowadays. Hacking is a cybercrime that is faced by millions of users around the world. The data breaches and hacked accounts can be traced back to the hackers

But, now that Apple has realized the problem of hacking and has decided to step in to take action. According to a report, Apple has decided to fill that gap which used to be leveraged by third-party password managers. It was a small percentage among more than a billion iOS users from all over the world. As the users of Apple devices are already aware of the ‘iCloud Keychain’ which remembers things like user names and passwords so that you wouldn’t need to remember them. The authorizations data is locked behind the device’s security section and it can remember usernames, passwords, credit card details, address, auto-filling requests, etc. In this process, there is no Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

However, all this is going to change after Apple’s new report.

We have discovered that Apple is currently testing some huge changes in its iCloud Keychain iOS 14. The feature will warn users when they reuse the same password on various sites. The reports suggest that there will a way to save the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) which means that users can log in to compatible websites without authentication from SMS, iCloud Keychain or email which can all be hacked. The autofill can be a convenient feature for everyone who can invest a little time and effort into it. You can go into the setting of iCloud Keychain and change passwords of sites that are similar to other passwords.

Apple Inc. is now offering a one-time code SMS which fills itself when the 2FA is messaged (which is not the best thing for current security situations). The changes which are promised to be made by Apple in iOS 14 will level the playing field with the third-party password managers like Keeper, LastPass or 1Password. But, how Apple Inc. set up the 2FA will be revealed when the update comes out. The software which backs Apple will replace the insecure need of SMS. Apple Inc. is currently expanding its security umbrella beyond its own system and it is an action worth praise.

So, the good news for every Apple gadget user is that your data and accounts are going to be much safer now.

Screenshot: 9to5mac

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