Netmarketshare Ranks Microsoft Edge The Second-Largest Browser In The World (After Google Chrome)

  • The latest data released by Netmarketshare has ranked Microsoft Edge the second-largest growing browser in the world.
  • The market share comparison of different desktop operating systems and, different browsers used across the globe.
  • Different factors which helped Microsoft Edge to become more prominent among other browsers.

In March 2020, Netmarketshare released a report showing the market share statistics, of various desktop operating systems and different web browsers. Microsoft Edge is ranked the second largest web browser globally according to the data.

Microsoft Edge is commonly referred to as the web browser used for downloading other web browsers (particularity Google Chrome). The phrase was used for Internet Explorer because of its flaws. We are using this phrase for Microsoft Edge because a lot of people refer it to be the successor of Internet Explorer thus also inheriting all its flaws. But it seems that Microsoft Edge has been progressing well and has become the second-largest browser on the planet.

Firstly, we will compare the progress of different desktop operating systems. Microsoft has stopped support for Windows 7 which made the masses to switch to the latest operating system Windows 10. Windows 10 is being used by 57.34% of the desktop users making it the most used operating system being used across the globe and was ranked first in the report. Windows 7 ranks second by holding 26.23% of the market share. Windows 8.1 covers 3.69% of the market share and was ranked third while macOS X 10.14 holds 2.62% of the market share.

Discussing the web browsers used across the globe, Google Chrome was found to be the most used browser. The market share of Google Chrome has increased a little bit. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and holds 68.50% of market share, the report says. Microsoft Edge has progressed well and now acquires 7.59% of market share. It is clear from the above statistics that Microsoft Edge is now the second-largest web browser in the world. Firefox ranks third with a market share of 7.19%. Previously, Firefox was ranked second in terms of web browsers but it seems that Microsoft Edge has surpassed Firefox and has taken its place. While Internet Explorer referred to as the browser for downloading other web browsers ranked fourth in the said report holding a market share of 5.87%.

Let’s discuss various factors that may have helped Microsoft Edge to make its way up to the second rank. Microsoft Edge was made available to iOS and Android devices a few years ago by the company. This helped the web browser to attract more users by increasing its area of availability while previously being only available to desktop users. Microsoft was also seen making regular updates to the web browser to make it more user-friendly and a more optimized web browser. The browser was optimized according to its users’ desires. Google being the first ranked for its browser ‘Google Chrome’ also admitted that it will learn better management for tabs from Microsoft. This statement makes it evident that Microsoft has been making great efforts to optimize its browser in the best way possible.

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