WhatsApp In Collaboration With WHO Introduced A New Sticker Pack Called ‘Together At Home’

  • WhatsApp released a new pack of stickers in its efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic while strengthening its collaboration with WHO.
  • The new ‘together at home’ stickers will prove to be a creative way to guide people during the pandemic and the importance of sticker features.

WhatsApp in its efforts to help guide people during the coronavirus pandemic is deepening its collaborations with WHO and announced that it is working on the language its users speak billions of times in a day across the platform called “Stickers”.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users across the globe and released today a new set of stickers called ‘Together At Home’. The new stickers focus on the moments and emotions that the masses are experiencing across the globe during the pandemic. WhatsApp joined hands with the World Health Organization to create the new set of stickers and these stickers are made available in ten languages. Some of the notable languages included are French, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and German.

WhatsApp introduced the stickers feature back in 2018. In the post, WhatsApp stated that the new set of stickers will be a creative way to guide people during the pandemic reminding them to wash hands, maintain distance, workout, and to celebrate the health heroes helping us during the pandemic and personal heroes of our lives.

WhatsApp joined hands with the WHO to launch a service providing authentic information related to COVID-19 in the last month and was able to gather more than 10 million users within a few days. WhatsApp is also working with federal and state governments across the globe to provide authentic coronavirus information to the masses.

The Facebook-owned platform also stated that it is working on a new set of stickers focusing on the famous Japanese character named Rilakkuma which will provide users with new ways to express their daily emotions and feelings. WhatsApp is planning to release more new features in the coming weeks including a tool to help add more than 4 participants in a group call. The Facebook-owned platform is testing the new group call feature with eight participants in a group call. This feature will likely help WhatsApp to compete better with the Houseparty app and Zoom. Houseparty app and Zoom have experienced an increased number of people using their services during the recent weeks.

The Facebook-owned platform has also rolls out a feature that will allow users to cross-check whether the forwarded message contains authentic information or not, plus WhatsApp imposed a limit on forwarding of a message to only one user at a time.

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