Good News for Small Retailers! Now You Don’t Have to Pay for Listing Service on Google Shopping Anymore

According to Bill Ready, President of Commerce at Google, from now on the product listings on the Shopping service provided by Google will be free. Google made this attempt to expand its services in eCommerce sector to compete with Amazon Inc. as its deriving majority of consumers online due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Before this announcement by Google, the listings of products were all sponsored which means the merchants used to pay Google every time someone visited their website through Google product listing but not anymore as now the Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company) will enable the merchants to post their wares on Google Shopping service free of cost.

Back in 2012, Google turned this service in a paid product which grew the business with billions of dollars revenue in each quarter.

If you think about it, this attempt of free listing by Google might result in the reduction of advertising revenue but this decision is made for the long run as more merchants will use Google Shopping.

With this attempt, it seems as if Google is trying to return its original free approach for shopping service. Despite free listing service, Google will still sell the Shopping ads which give the merchants the advantage to make their ads appear in the paid slots above free listings.

Google free listing products will only show up in less-popular shopping search tab as compared to the Product ads that will appear on the main Google Search results page.

Google addressed it users about its new decision and stated that the free listing is meant to help retailers with the free exposure of millions of people who visit Google on daily basis for their shopping needs and this decision is meant to help shoppers as more products will be available online through the Google Shopping tab. Google also said that the free listing will help advertisers as paid campaigns will now be augmented with free listing service.

Google is one of the oldest and largest platforms with its approach to commerce but despite the platform being the first advertising firm to buy online, over the past years majority of consumers moved to Amazon for their product hunt and now this attempt by Google is to rise again in the market as the go-to-place for people when looking to purchase some stuff online.

According to the head of Google, digital commerce opportunity should be provided to each and every person and not to only selected group of advertisers paying for it. According to Bill, Google is aiming to make Google Shopping a place whenever consumers can find a huge variety of product from anywhere as a search for hammers on Google will result in listings from a nearby hardware store or Home Depot Inc. which means large or small merchants all will gain profit from it.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of the known retailers are running out of stock and this new listing decision by Google might help some smaller sellers.

To get as many merchants on the listing of products on Google Shopping, the tech firm will now be partnering with PayPal which means the users of PayPal can now process payments directly with the Google Shopping.

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