Instagram is Testing Out New Features for DMs

DMs have not always been an important part of what Instagram is all about but ever since Facebook started emphasizing direct messaging more and more it has turned out that people do in fact like messaging others on Instagram as well and the social media platform has therefore seen a lot of updates in this regard, updates that are quite important if you truly get the best experience possible when you are looking into any particular platform and all that it could end up providing you as far as messaging is concerned.

According to Matt Navarra and Alessandro Paluzzi, there are two new features that Instagram is currently working on for its DMs. The first of these two new features has to do with message forwarding. This is an overt and obvious step into the world of actual instant messaging, something that Facebook had already done with Messenger as well as WhatsApp but is clearly trying to incorporate into the Instagram experience as well and it is understandable that this is the case due to the reason that you would want to figure out ways in which you can talk to people on pretty much any social media platform that you actually end up using all in all.

Instagram is working on Forward messages in DMs

The second feature is also very reminiscent of WhatsApp. It allows you to quote certain messages and reply to them directly, adding a lot more streamlining into the conversations that you would actually end up having. This is going to make talking to people on the social media platform a great deal easier than it has ever been, and will most likely drive a lot more people to this platform given the fact that it is making things a lot easier in a lot of different ways and is incorporating some great features from other properties owned by its parent company into its own user interface.

Instagram is testing Quote/Reply to previous messages in DMs

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