Instagram to Get A New Feature Similar to WhatsApp

By this point anyone that has been paying attention to the world of tech knows that Facebook owns a lot of the most popular apps that are being used on a regular basis. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Facebook has made some smart acquisitions over the years, and the trifecta of WhatsApp, Instagram as well as Facebook itself is proving to be enormously formidable, becoming three of the most widely used social media and messaging services in the world with no other company really being able to compete with them in this particular area though not for a lack of trying.

When a company owns so many properties this means that they would probably add features from one property into another property. This is why you are seeing so many similarities cropping up between Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. A new feature is coming to Instagram that is once again being taken from WhatsApp, having been experimented with there and now being launched in a slightly different way to make the user experience on Instagram a lot easier than it might have ended up being otherwise.

The feature that is coming to Instagram is similar to the WhatsApp feature that allows you to pin up to three chats so that you can access them whenever you wish. Jane Manchun Wong first spotted this feature. This is going to be important due to the reason that on Instagram this will work with comments which you would be able to pin, thereby drawing a lot more attention to them. These pinned comments are going to be much more visible and they can be your own comments or comments that are left by others. It will be interesting to see what other features end up being shared between the platforms.

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