Pinterest Highlights Growing Pin Trends During The Coronavirus Lockdowns To Help Businesses Reach More Audiences

  • Pinterest observes various new pin trends to be growing and why brands should use Pinterest to reach more audiences.
  • Pinterest has highlighted three major rising pin trends during this week.
  • The content discover network provides small brands the opportunity to reach more audiences and it is a platform for companies that want to increase their eCommerce sale.

There is a rise in the number of pinners using Pinterest during the coronavirus lockdowns and Pinterest is seeing various new pin trends to be growing across the platform. Pinterest provided the highlights regarding rising pin trends which could be advantageous for brands using the content discovery platform to reach their customers.

Business that have visual element in their strategy should start using Pinterest as there is a 44% year-on-year increase in the usage of Pinterest for shopping. This increased usage of Pins displays how people are using Pinterest for shopping instead of their normal online browsing amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. Pinterest’s latest insights could provide brands the necessary idea of various important trend shifts across the platform amid the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Pinterest has highlighted three major key shifts across the platform in which the first trending search is about food. According to Pinterest, pinners are searching for new cooking ideas at home amid the lockdowns. Pinners are looking for inventive flour-full recipes increasingly across the platform. Pinterest has seen 1532% more increased search for ‘salty croissants’ and 2145% boost in searches for ‘freed sweet fritters’ in Argentina, 263% more searches for ‘damper bread’ in Australia, 1081% rise in searches for ‘Japanese brioche’ in France, 350 times more searches for ‘Navajo bread’ in the United States, 1408% boosted searches for ‘mimosa cake’ in Italy, and 3900% more people are looking for ‘healthy gut recipes’ in Japan across the Pinterest’s platform.

The second major area Pinterest highlighted is the pinners are looking for different family games to entertain their families amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. 5000% more people from Argentina are looking for family games across the platform while there is a 2830% increased search in the same aspect by people belonging to Spain, 1863% rise in searches from the United States, and 1291% surged searches for family games in Mexico. Most pinners are searching for games like fishbowl and spoons and Ripple games.

The third area highlighted by Pinterest is encouragement and support trends. People are searching for ways to spread a ray of hope among the masses by encouraging them and providing them moral support. The platform has experienced a surged traffic looking for quotes and sayings related to the said aspect. The pinners are also looking for ways to helps struggling small and medium-sized businesses grow during the lockdowns.

Pinterest is a great platform for businesses of all sizes to connect to more customers looking for online shopping opportunities. It’s a great initiative by the pinners to provide support to these struggling small retailers who are facing difficulties to stabilize their cash flow due to the closure of physical shopping malls amid the coronavirus lockdowns.

We can surely say that Pinterest is a platform for entrepreneurs looking to boost their eCommerce sales. The lockdowns have shown us the importance of these alternative shopping platforms which is also a great opportunity for brands to reach maximum consumers through Pinterest and who knows, this may also lead to a permanent change in shopping trends even after the pandemic ends.

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