Video Consumption Trends on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Are Changing Drastically (infographic)

Similar to other industries around the world, coronavirus has also affected digital advertisers significantly. This is mainly because plenty of businesses have cut down on their marketing budget, leading to a massive revenue loss for the digital channels.

In fact, Google and Facebook expect a loss of $44 billion in ad revenue. Influencers are also warned regarding fluctuations in their income while BuzzFeed reportedly cut off the pays of its staff and executives in order to avoid layoffs.

But despite the chaos, social media channels including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are seeing an increase in viewership.

Analytics firm Tubular Labs reported YouTube’s viewership for American residents is increasing rapidly. Tubular Labs categorized the videos in five sections – sports, music, health/fitness, people/lifestyle, and arts/culture and measured their views for seven days (between 20 to 27 March 2020). The figures were compared to the views garnered in March 2019 and saw:

· 63% increase in the viewership in health and fitness videos

· A boost of 63% in music videos too

· An increase of 29% in videos related to arts and crafts

· Sports video is up by 20%

· People and lifestyle content is up by 17%

Take a look at this infographic for more insights:

Top videos uploaded last week around COVID-19 on Instagram and Facebook were focused on funny and entertaining video content and those videos collectively garnered around 25 Billion views

While another report by Influence Central reveals content on Instagram and Facebook are also seeing a 36% increase in both – engagements and impressions.

The increase in digital viewership is a result of the stay at home trend that we are all trying to adopt for the past few weeks. However, influencer marketing platform IZEA again warns the creators that they should expect less income during the pandemic. Moreover, they suggest the creators lower their prices for advertisements as businesses are losing sales due to indefinite periods of closures and may have less to spend.

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