Google Chrome Getting a Rollback in Its Cookie’s Security Because Of the Corona Pandemic

Last month an update of Chrome browser was deferred by Google’s team to ensure that the current version stays stable because a lot of people are working from home and any glitch can really abolish all their hard work. So, on Friday Google announced that they are stopping their ‘Same Site’ cookie temporarily because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Version 80 of this ‘Same Site’ came in February and Chrome began to impose secure by default handling of the third parties' cookies. This will increase privacy and limits the tracking of data. The gradual rollout with good monitoring and impact on the web. Justin Schuh - Director, Chrome Engineering in a blog post announced that they have temporarily suspended the update. The temporary rolling back was enforced on cookies in Chrome because of the ‘Extraordinary global circumstances’ of the novel coronavirus. Google wants to ensure that the online services that they provide will remain stable throughout the duration of increased usage.

Google’s Chrome is designed for such abrupt changes. But, they wanted to make sure that their Chrome browser which is opening various websites and hosting such important services like banking, government service, online grocery shopping, online teaching, virtual healthcare facilities, etc. so, that is why Chrome didn’t release the update as it might disrupt some important procedures. Hopefully, after all this chaos is over and we are free from the pandemic of Corona Virus; Google will release their update and will implement it during the summer (this was written in an official notice by Google).

The first party cookies are in sync and match to the website’s cookies that the users of Chrome currently open and use. Chrome’s 80 version will now be limiting the cookies to only first party access. This will be done by default and the developers from Google will be required to exclusively mark the cookies for the usage of third parties. The cookies which don't have a declared Same Site value will be allotted the Same Site=Lax and will also have restricted use of the first-party usage. However, the third-party cookies are only available if the allotted Same Site=None, Secure and are sent to the HTTPS (like for logins and signups).

The coronavirus is spoiling all the planning and ideas that tech companies had. This time of pandemic is really making the world of technology a chaos. Google like other platforms has stopped all its new innovations and is giving all of its attention to fighting CoronaVirus. The company has temporarily stopped all the functions and new breakthroughs from becoming public because they are focusing on only one thing right now; which is to fight the virus and help people during these chaotic times.

Google Chrome Getting a Rollback in Its Cookie’s Security Because Of the Corona Pandemic

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