Survey: Apple Is Way More Popular Among Teenagers than Samsung Even In 2020

A number of teenagers prefer the iPhone over Android devices like Samsung, revealed a survey by Piper Sandler Companies. Despite the continuous efforts by Samsung flagships which have been competing with iPhone with its much impressive products but surprisingly still could not beat it. On the other side, Apple has its strong brand positioning that other companies even after spending billions could not come up to its match.

The survey is based on 5,200 teenage respondents from 41 states, with an average age of around 16 years. Out of the surveyed teenagers, 85% said they already own iPhones. Also, 88% of them said they would like their next phone to be iPhone.

It is impressive to see that there is still a chance for Apple to grow in the teenage smartphone market even though it is already popular and every time the graph goes higher.

What makes iPhone teenagers’ preferred choice than any other brand? Well, there is not just one particular reason but it is believed that users like blue chat bubbles from both sender and receiver’s side instead of green chat bubbles which appear when the chat is between Android users and an iPhone user.

This reason might sound stupid but last year a team of around 500-members demanded iPhone instead of Android from their IT manager because of the same above-mentioned reason.

Moreover, Apple has a history of being loved by teenagers, especially when it advertised its iPod at the beginning of the 2000s. Since then, whether Apple meets the standards or not, it remained popular among teenagers. It has been branded as ‘cool’ while the competitors like Samsung with all their impressive product line are unable to come across it.

Another plus point for Apple is its comparatively economic devices that parents can easily afford to purchase for their teenagers. Like in 2016, iPhone SE with next-gen technology was launched at an affordable price. As a result, iPhone SE did way better than the company was expecting.

However, the iPhone SE successor, iPhone 9, is also on its way and is expected to be launched in April 2020. According to rumors, it will consist of Touch ID, 4.7 inch LCD, and A13 processor within a price range of around $400 with three different storages of 64GB, 128 GB and 256GB.

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