Beware Android Users! This Dangerous Malware Poses As Cleaner App But Steals Your Device Data

There is now a dangerous malware that lives on your Android phones forever and every single Google's mobile operating system user is being warned about it. From stats we know that Android has over 2.5 Billion active devices that have Google's mobile OS installed at the moment which makes Android one of the most famous and most used OS in the world.

Despite its popularity, the Google's mobile OS is not new to all the security alerts, all the Android fans and users are still being warned about threats and security issues every day regularly.

Android users were advised earlier this week to delete a very popular VPN app immediately because it has security risks. That app was an officially listed in the Google Play Store and it was quite popular as it was downloaded over 100 million times.

Similarly, Android fans were also recently informed to uninstall and stay away from shady Coronavirus pandemic apps and trackers that give users information about the virus as they also had security threats.

There is also a notorious app that is supposed to be a helpful tool, but instead, it started blackmailing and demanded a price of $100 to give back the locked private data.

Additionally, now the Android users are being notified and warned about another dangerous smartphones application.

A malware called xHelper was found by Kaspersky secure researchers. This malware was found in the source code of some unofficial app marketplaces in mobile utility categories. This malware is hidden under the name of ‘cleaner app’ in Android devices, so when a user downloads that cleaner app, it will unknowingly download the malware.

Once you install the malware, it completely disappears and nowhere to be found. Whether you look at the home screen or the program menu, you will be unable to find it. However, if you will look at the list of the installed apps in the settings, you will be able to find the nefarious app.

It is described as an extremely dangerous malware that can access all your files and data. This stealthy malware can reinstall itself when it is uninstalled by the user. However, it can reinstall itself no matter how many times the user tries to uninstall it.

You can try to extract the file if you have recovery methods on your Android device and replace it with a safe one to remove the malware.

After infecting a device this malware can invite even more bad families of malware on victim's phones.

Using a smartphone with xHelper is not recommended as it is extremely dangerous.

The xHelper malware can also easily install a backdoor which will have the ability to execute commands as a superuser.

Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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