10 Email Services That Offer Temporary Addresses

There are many scenarios where you might be reluctant to use your personal email address. Craigslist advertisements, websites you don’t trust, or perhaps for anonymous dating – using a temporary email address provides the perfect solution.

In this guide, we have listed down some of the best online services that offer both – free and paid temporary email addresses. Check them out and keep your inbox free from spam and unwanted promotions.

1. EmailOnDeck

Although this service provides unique disposable email addresses, it is not recommended for long term uses. This is because the service cleans out its services periodically. Additionally, there is no decided time limit for the emails to stay in the inbox and you may not be able to recover them after they are deleted. You can, however, recover the email address anytime you like. The best thing about EmailOnDeck that we found in our testing is that, it receives almost every single verification email quickly.
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2. 10minutemail.com

As the name implies, the service gives you an email address that automatically deactivates itself after 10 minutes. However, there is an option of extending the timer to another 10-minute and so on. This website is extremely helpful if you are looking to check out some new online subscription service for email verification and want to avoid using your personal emails. There are several similar services like 10minutemail.net and 10minemail.com they all work in quite similar way.

3. Mailnator

Mailnator is available in a public domain. This means that the address you choose can be in use by others as well. However, the emails that you receive will be self-deleted within a few hours. A premium plan is also available that will give you your own personal alias which no one can access.

4. TempMail

Another publicly available email service is TempMail. This service allows two people to choose the same alias and thus, they both receive the same email. We suggest to no use this type of email address for registering for any service. This is because it may get hacked if someone else is using the same alias and domain.

5. E4ward

This service allows you to create email addresses using a customized domain address. The service will forward all the codenamed emails to your primary email addresses. It offers free and premium subscription options with the latter offering the users with multiple email addresses.

6. Guerrilla Mail

This email address allows users to keep their inbox for one hour only. It also doesn’t require any type of registration, making the email setup process very swift. The most unique feature of this service is that it allows the users to compose emails as well. The sender’s IP address gets embedded with the email, in order to prevent any form of abuse.

7. MohMal

The emails received through this service are accessible for 45 minutes only. However, you can continue to refresh the email if you wish to keep it for longer. MohMal also allows users to create their own alias and domain.

8. ThrowAwayMail

The ThrowAwayMail’s have a validity of 48 hours. In order to keep the email for longer periods, you have to visit the email page before it completes the first 48 hours. We also recommend activating the cookies for optimal usage.

9. GetNada

Nada is another great email service by creators of AirMail. Nada provides a semi-permanent inbox to the users. This inbox stays valid until the domain stays active. It also gives the users a notification before they refresh the domain. It also allows for multiple aliases and domain combinations. These can also be deleted manually.

10. YOPmail

YOPmaill gives the users storage space for 8 days. It also offers multi-language support and has a neat user interface. You can also compose emails through this server but you can only send them to other recipients using the YOPmail only. The only con about this service is that it is still hosting on a non-secure protocol i.e. HTTP instead of HTTPS which is quite common these days.

These were just some of the services we suggest using for a temporary email. Most of these services are secure and are trusted for their privacy protocols. However, it's advised to not use any temporary email service for personal, sensitive or private information sharing. Give them a try next time you are looking for anonymity on the internet.

Updated on: 24th February 2024.

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