Google Is Making Changes To Related Search Area Present At The Bottom Of Result Pages

  • Google added a third row to the related search area of the Google search result pages.
  • Ankit Srivastava shared a screenshot on Twitter displaying the changed layout.
  • We are not yet sure if Google is showing increased related searches due to a bug in browser’s servers or if it is actually testing a new feature.

When you perform a search in Google, the search giant displays a range of various search results related to your query. Google shows you a lot of search results so that you can choose the desired result. Google also features an area at the bottom of the result pages where searches related to your query are compiled.

These related searches are based on the search behavior of different users across the world searching for topics related to that specific query. The related searches area for your query may also vary based on the region and country you are located in. For instance, it may show different results if you are located in the US compared to the related searches a person sees if he/she is located in Germany or France, etc. Previously, Google used to display two rows of the related searches but for some users it has started to show three rows instead of two recently. The change made by Google will provide users with versatile related searches to their queries.

Ankit Srivastava shared a screenshot on Twitter. The screenshot displays three rows of the related searches instead of usual two rows which we normally see. In the screenshot, it is visible that Ankit Srivastava searched for ‘loan against property’ and Google displayed three rows of related searches to his query. Google displays four related searches in a single row which means that it displayed twelve related searches to Srivastava. Presently what we see in the related searches area is that Google displayed a total of eight related searches when we searched for ‘loan against property’ on the Google browser. Moreover, the related searches were a little bit different if we compared our related searches results with the first two rows of related searches results being displayed in the screenshot shared by Ankit Srivastava via Twitter when he performed that specific search on Google.

Google Is Making Changes To Related Search Area Present At The Bottom Of Result Pages

This may also be due to a bug in Google’s servers or an issue related to Google browser extensions, or it might be a feature being tested actually by the company. We are not yet sure if it’s a bug, Google’s browser extension related issue or an actual test being performed by Google but we expect to see an announcement from Google in this area fairly soon. But we can surely say that if it’s a real Google test, it aims on making the right use of desktop space.

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