The Impact Coronavirus is Having on Entertainment Consumption

The world is quite different now from what it was last year and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that there is a virus that is quite dangerous and we are locking down entire cities and even countries to make sure that it does not end up causing too much of a problem down the line. Due to the reason that a lot of people are cooped up at home for far longer periods than they normally have to deal with, using entertainment platforms is becoming far more common than usual. This is also resulting in a change in the overall consumption of entertainment.

Recent study by Globalwebindex has indicated that each generation is changing its habits in a different way, shape or form. While the top answer for survey participants was that they were spending their time watching the news, the second answer varied quite a bit. For example, 62% members of the youngest generation or Gen Z are generally changing their habits by using messaging services. Millennials are not quite as social, choosing to spend their time streaming movies and the like with 58% of respondents selecting this option.

Gen X people are spending more time with the members of their family, so they much like Gen Z are choosing to socialize although in their case it is a lot more low tech than what Gen Z kids are looking into. Baby boomers are choosing to pass the time with entertainment but they are choosing broadcast TV. The numbers for Gen X people are 52% and Boomers 51%.

About 74% of all respondents said that they are spending their time using streaming services more often as well as watching the news a lot more often than might have been the case otherwise. Listening to streaming services has also become a lot more common with even more respondents saying that they did a combination of this and staying up to date with the news all in all.

Things like cooking and the like seem to be less popular with a little over 50% of respondents saying that they are doing it more often but this is a really significant number and it shows that people are branching out and trying new things as a result of the fact that they are no longer able to go out and work the way that they normally do given the various situations they are involved in at the end of the day.

People that tend to stream are either choosing music or movies and shows. The reason behind this is that these activities provide enough entertainment, and it is really only possible to focus on one if you are also keeping up with the news which is the sort of thing that you have to do in a situation such as this one where the whole world is standing still and things are not going well for pretty much anyone involved.

The activities people take part in once again have quite a bit to do with the kind of generation that you belong to. About half of Gen Z respondents said that they were spending more time on apps as well as using music streaming services a lot more often than they used to. Almost a third of Gen Z respondents said that they were uploading more videos to services such as YouTube and TikTok.

With millennials it seems like the changes are smaller. The percentage of respondents is lower across the board, with 18% saying that they listen to podcasts more often, 22% saying that they were reading the newspaper more and 22% saying they were spending more time making YouTube or TikTok videos, similar to the numbers being seen for Gen Z respondents.

With Gen X and baby boomers there are 72% of people who are watching more news, and a similar number are watching broadcast TV shows. Gen X people are spending more time cooking and baby boomers are also spending a lot more time talking on the phone which is probably how they stay informed.

All of these are things that will play a role in the kind of changes entertainment providers end up making to their business models all in all.

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