LinkedIn Latest Report Provides An Analysis On How Prominent The Coronavirus Conversation Has Been On The Social Network

  • Social media platforms including LinkedIn have reported increased usage amid the coronavirus lockdowns.
  • LinkedIn published a report showing the analysis of the platform’s content and engaging trends that are related to the novel coronavirus.
  • It is alluring to see how trends have changed within recent months after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

There is a rise in the usage of social media platforms after the outbreak of the coronavirus that forced lockdowns around the globe. The bored out masses locked inside their homes are using these social media platforms to get engaged in something.

While all other social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp etc. have reported surged traffic on their respective platforms, LinkedIn has also reported the same. The company stated that it has recorded a 55% boost in the users engaging over the platform during the past few weeks. More content is being posted over the said platform and an increased number of people are using the platform’s chat feature. The pages on the social network are posting more content under these circumstances to keep their audience engaged as compared to the weeks prior to the coronavirus outbreak. It is obvious that this increased traffic over the platform is an impact of the coronavirus lockdowns.

The company published a report during this week to provide an overview of the rising discussions around the novel coronavirus. The report shows how the trending topics are changed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The report also contains data on what type of topics related to professional interests are arising from those discussions. According to the report, most of the trending discussions over LinkedIn’s platform are related to the ‘new’ routine of people being made after the coronavirus global lockdowns. These trending discussions include tips for working from home as most of the companies have advised their employees to work remotely during these crises, or online education as the educational departments are conducting online classes after the lockdowns were imposed.

Actual figures will surprise you when you will go through the infographic published by the company. Brands are adopting ‘new’ ways to communicate with their customers during the coronavirus pandemic as things have changed drastically during the pandemic.

The discussions have changed quickly amid the coronavirus lockdowns. The trending topics over the said social media platform were not the same back in January and February as compared to the last month of this year. It is expected that these trending topics will get back to the regular interests of the public after the pandemic wipes out.

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