The Name Of 'Lists' Tab Feature On Twitter Might Be Changed To 'Channels' Tab

  • Twitter might be changing the name of its ‘List’ tab feature to ‘Channel’ to upraise the discovery of its content.
  • Does changing the name make any sense and what would be the result if Twitter does so?
  • The company has not yet announced when it will make the change or whether we will see the change or not.

Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher says that Twitter might roll out a change to its tabs by changing the name of its ‘List’ tab to ‘Channels’. According to her, this will help the social media platform to increase the exposure of its online content and boost the engagement of its content.

The left-hand side menu of the app displays a tab named ‘Lists’. The tab displays a compilation of the lists users have compiled while using the platform. Its name will be changed to Channels while keeping the purpose of this tab the same.

The re-naming makes sense when you focus on Twitter’s efforts to increase its content discovery. Twitter added an option to follow specific topics without having to follow the accounts. You can now also pin up to five lists and swipe across them in the iOS app.

Twitter’s tweet discovery can be increased when users will not be only confined to the home newsfeed. Users can surf through specific topic-based tweets around the platform which increases the chance of a tweet by an unknown account being discovered by other users. Users can now get updates about various topics by adding a topic-based list to their pinned lists while keeping their home news feed the usual.

If you focus on this aspect, the name ‘Channels’ proves to be a better alternative. Right now the users create various lists comprising of the accounts they follow. Users create these lists under different grouping names such as Friends, My top followers, etc. But if Twitter renames the tab, users will be more focused on creating topic-based lists. Users will then swipe across various topic-based pinned tabs from their usual home news feed tab. The tab is currently used to only create lists of the accounts you follow but then you will have alternate ways to use this tab.

The change also focuses to help the newcomers of this platform. They will be able to easily understand the use of said option and it might help them to also boost their tweets discovery and develop their perspective of tweeting.

The lists tab was primarily used for managing the accounts that the users were already following but now the tab helps you to manage various topic-based discussions across the platform. The company’s efforts in this space also support the re-naming of the said tab.

The company has not yet announced when the re-naming of the said tab will occur. We are also not sure whether the re-naming would take place or not. But according to experts, twitter will soon make this change.

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