LinkedIn goes an extra mile with the updated LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Top Voices List

  • Previously, what used to be available for only selected companies and organizations, LinkedIn Events is now available for everyone.
  • And while LinkedIn is updating its features and tools, the new LinkedIn Top Voices list has been announced to be published, featuring the healthcare experts who put their lives in the line of battle against COVID-19.

Since the beginning of 2020, the world is going through a major crisis in the form of Coronavirus pandemic. More than 190 countries have been affected, and millions of people have been afflicted by this disease. Global lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing measures have been implemented and this has impacted every individual in these affected countries. Especially various companies and organizations all over the world have faced a major blow as the economy has crumbled and the shares and stock values have dramatically declined.

When the world is suffering so much, the doctors, health care providers, and medical units all around the globe have come forward to help the humans. Many doctors have died because of first-grade exposure to the deadly virus. But in their line of duty, these special people have tried their best to combat this disease, fighting from the front-line and facing it head-on.

In such a critical time, all the major technology firms have played a great role, from spreading the correct knowledge to collaborating with the health organizations on various levels to spread information and extend as much help and support to the public as possible.

LinkedIn has also been constantly updating its features and certain tools for the same purpose. Recently only it had updated the online courses available and had made them free for people to learn something new in their free time. These courses can help them keep calm through during this period of acute anxiety.

Now, LinkedIn has come up with another important update. It has made LinkedIn Events available for every company. Anyone can create an event, arrange a meetup, organize any meeting easily through this feature.

Previously, it was enabled for only selected company pages, but now, during the coronavirus pandemic, to make things slightly easier for already struggling companies and organizations, this is a small but very significant step by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Events will also help the companies to fight through the aftereffects of this pandemic once it is over.

It is very easy to create an event. All you need to do is to either create an event through your company page admin tools on the desktop or if you are using the mobile application, then you can use the main function menu for the purpose.

Once you have created the event, and if it is public, the organizers and the attendees can issue invites and you can easily engage with attendees in your Event Feed.

In these times of social distancing, this tool is going to be great for online meetings and conferences also that had to be canceled or postponed due to this pandemic.

Another important news is that LinkedIn has announced to publish its Top Voices List, and this time, this list is going to be really special. It is going to be a tribute to all the health workers and healthcare experts who worked selflessly and without tiring in this battle of humanity against one deadly virus.

This is a very nice gesture on LinkedIn’s part. It will not only boost the morale of all the health providers around the globe, but it will also remind everyone that humanity is above everything else. These doctors, nurses, paramedics, psychologists, scientists, researchers, engineers, developers, the cleaners, janitors and everyone who works in or for medical units deserve the biggest applause for all their hard work. They have showed everyone that although this disease is critical and the times are very hard, but if we all stand together against it, we can and we will beat it for sure!

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