LinkedIn Tests A New Auto Messaging Feature for Premium Users

LinkedIn has been trying to make things a lot better for its users in a lot of different ways but the fact of the matter is that some of its top features are most probably going to be reserved for its premium users and the reason behind this is that these premium users are paying money for these services and as a result of the fact that this money is coming in LinkedIn will be incentivized to provide them with features that they would not have been able to provide otherwise.

One new feature that a lot of premium users would be able to get would be the ability to send an away message. According to screenshots shared by Jane Manchun Wong, the new settings would allow users to automatically sent messages to people who contact you while you are away from your profile, especially during the times when you are not able to respond to them, which would probably work in a similar to Gmail's Out of office or vacation reply. Automation process like this can be extremely important because of the fact that they would enable you to keep the chances of making a new connection alive even if you weren’t going to be able to respond to them immediately. Features like this matter when you are trying to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

The fact that this is only available for premium users would be the sort of thing that would make a few people rather annoyed with the platform but the fact of the matter is that this is a feature that would entice a lot of people into opting for the premium subscription which is very important if you think about it since LinkedIn is trying to make as many people as possible opt for the paid version of the platform that they offer. Regardless this is a pretty cool feature that a lot of people are probably going to end up appreciating quite a bit.

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