Finally Instagram is Initiating a Global Rollout of DMs on the Web!

About time! Instagram is finally incorporating an essential feature in its desktop version. Until now, you could only access the said feature if you were using Instagram on your mobile. Yes, we are talking about DIRECT MESSAGES!

Back in January, Instagram revealed that the company was working on the feature in question. It was even made available for some users, then. It looks like the Facebook-owned media sharing service has sped things up because now, the feature is being rolled out globally. Yes, that’s right! From now onward, DMs on Desktop will gradually become accessible to everyone!

It surely is breaking news! What’s even better is that it will make things easier for businesses, brands, and influencers. Not only will you be able to initiate individual and group conversations, but also read, send as well as react on messages! As of now, the video chat feature will not be coming to desktop.

The feature’s global rollout was somewhat expected. Over the last year, Facebook has been emphasizing the importance of private messaging across all the apps and services that come under it. You must have heard about “Threads”, a standalone app rolled out last year for allowing Insta users to chat with their “Close Friends”.

Moreover, Facebook introduced Messenger as a desktop app recently. It looks like everything is going according to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of integrating private messaging services across its family of apps.

For accessing Instagram DM on the web, simply head over to on your desktop device. Once there, locate the messaging icon on the top-right portion of the browser and you know the rest! If you can’t locate the messaging icon now, just try again later because the rollout process will be gradual.

In order to ensure that you have a smooth experience while using Instagram DMs on desktop, the company has been making some adjustments here and there. These changes are being made so that the DM feature on desktop relates to its mobile counterpart! From what we know so far, a gallery view and emoji keyboard have already been implemented!

It’s time that you start preparing for the new age of messaging across social media.

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