LinkedIn comes to rescue in its own capacity during the Coronavirus Pandemic

LinkedIn has announced several free job postings for organizations along with mental and health-related courses for the millions of users all over the world.

The entire planet is going through a very tough phase. The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of people. For security reasons and to stop the spread of this deadly virus, people are encouraged to lock themselves down in their homes and social distancing is being implemented. Apart from offices, schools, universities, recreational sources like malls, gyms, restaurants, parks and other activities that people do together have all been closed down.

On the work front, LinkedIn noticed a 35 percent increase in the postings of jobs related to healthcare, supply chains, supermarkets, and various delivery services.

Naturally, in these trying circumstances, all these service providers are working tirelessly and round the clock, and more people are needed to come up front too.

The overall situation is already very bleak, but the most challenging part of the entire scenario is that nobody knows when everything will get back to normal. People are generally more agitated and more anxious than ever before.

Realizing the need of the hour, LinkedIn has come up for help in two ways.

First, it is now offering free job posts for companies that are in urgent need of skilled workers, and who can fill in quickly in critical roles. This is an amazing step and these jobs will be posted through the 1st of April till June 30th.

The organizations that are tagged with “Urgently Hiring” by LinkedIn include Healthcare services, hospitals, clinics, mental health practices, Supermarkets, Warehouses, and Delivery services.

The second way by which LinkedIn came forward to help and support people was when the LinkedIn experts saw a dramatic rise in the curve of people resorting to the free educational courses that LinkedIn provides on its application during the past three weeks of the global quarantine. This made them realize the severity of mental issues that people all over are facing now.

So, these experts have outlined several LinkedIn Learning courses that will help people gain mental and emotional strength and peace during these trying times. These courses include the following:

The Mindful Workday.

Manage Stress for Positive Change.

Finding a Job during Challenging Economic Times.

Educators transition to teaching online.

Skills That Will Help Recruiters Adapt to a Changing Business Landscape.

All these courses are free of cost and definitely worth going for if you have some free time at your hands during this lockdown, or if you are just aiming towards improving some of your skills.

Maybe, this time which you consider as “bad” might turn into “good” and “fruitful” after everything gets back to normal. So, don’t forget to tap in your internal but hidden potentials while you are at it, and LinkedIn has provided an ample amount of material to go through and hone your capabilities.

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