Instagram takes the initiative to support and appreciate the people by launching "Happy Hour Sticker"

Amidst this COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, each and everyone is trying its level best to support. Instagram has taken the initiative known as "Thank You Hour".

The primary purpose of this initiative is to support the people who are making this hard time bearable such as doctors, armies, grocery store workers, and many more.

This happy hour works in a manner that everyday videos and photos shared on Instagram stories at 7 p.m., as per each country's time. That story will have the "Thank you hour sticker." All the friends will be able to see that thank you, as an act of gratitude, how each one of us is helping and fighting this Pandemic.

Moreover, this story will follow the same pattern as usual stories, such as follows the same privacy policy. Hence stories wouldn't be visible to everyone on the app, instead only friends.

These cause-related stickers are design to make everyone engage and support people going through it. The least we all can do is to thank those people.

Adding on people following this trend makes Instagram take a further step by launching more stickers, which includes

"Thanks, Health Heroes," and "Stay Home", these both stickers were much needed, as a tribute to our medical staffs working day night. Furthermore, people who are taking this lightly or social distancing might be the hassle to some people. Hence, it was to share the experience, way of communication to encourage others.

These efforts made by Instagram and the people using it are helping others.

Instagram uses its platform to spread the message such as “I Stay Home” and "stay at home" as it prevents from interacting with people and are in the low-risk category to pass or catch the virus.

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