“I Stay Home” with Instagram during COVID-19

Instagram Stickers are a popular addition to its Stories feature. They not only add a cool effect to the Stories frames but are often made available to support a special cause.

This week, Instagram has released a new sticker for Stories to promote social distancing amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The stickers depict the words “IStayHomeFor’ and highlight the importance of staying home for the people you love. In their Stories, the sticker can be followed by tags of the people you care for or stay home for.

Most users of Instagram fall under the age bracket of 35 and are potentially not at risk of falling under the high fatality rate. However, highlighting the impacts of the pandemic for their family members and friends, the younger generation can better understand the importance of social distancing and isolation.

The coronavirus sticker is the latest addition to Instagram’s line of cause-stickers. Previously, the Facebook-owned network released a ‘Create Don’t Hate’ sticker to discourage cyberbullying and a ‘thank you’ sticker for healthcare workers doing their jobs to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company also modifies its stickers to make align them with current issues. For example, the ‘Ask me a question’ sticker was changed to “How can I help?” in the wake of coronavirus.

The Instagram #IStayHomeFor sticker is now available worldwide. Give them a try and let us know who you are staying home for during the containment period.

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