App Researcher Leaks Upcoming Instagram Monetization Guidelines for Earning Money from IGTV Videos

According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram has recently laid out some guidelines for creators to maintain the eligibility of IGTV Ads to monetize through IGTV videos.

These guidelines include a list of Dos and Don’ts.

The list of Dos highlight that users should stay inline with the guidelines, and they should share or post only the content that they own.

The list of Don’ts focuses on the basic etiquette of copyright infringement, and to avoid posting content which can mislead, or misinform others. Over-sensationalizing of posts is also not allowed, as it compromises the quality of the content.

Instagram is very particular about the quality of the content posted, and these guidelines and rules are suggestive of its policy of fair usage only.

It is originally a photo and video sharing application, but it has become very famous because of the opportunities it provides for people to do online businesses. It has become one of the best platforms to advertise on.

Advertisement is a great stream for potential revenue generation. It can become one of the best bets for achieving success on Instagram - all by creating and sharing unique content that captivates your audience by the right usage of branded or targeted hashtags, Stories, Highlights and other Instagram features and tools.

Soon creators can earn money by running short ads on their IGTV videos, and this is an amazing opportunity for everyone who is looking out for additional sources of income or who are dependent on their creative potentials entirely for a living.

Instagram lays out guideline for maintaining IGTV Ads eligibility, stating creators should: not infringe copyright; not misinform, mislead, or overly-sensationalize; not compromise quality “for viral distribution”.

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