Worthwhile SEO Goals for 2020

It’s only the beginning of April, but it’s clear that 2020 isn’t going to be like any other year in living memory. Businesses need to alter their expectations for the coming months and develop new goals to better suit their existing circumstances.

As more people turn to the web for entertainment and connection, businesses need to do more to attract the attention of web users, engage online audiences and convert. Here are some worthwhile SEO goals to consider adopting for the strange year ahead.

Develop Comprehensive Content

Content is the name of the game while the new coronavirus keeps businesses in this strange situation. Businesses should focus on developing content that brings more visitors to their site and encourages other content creators to post valuable links. These days, the best content tends to be sprawling, comprehensive, well-researched guides that cover all angles and aspects of a particular topic — but that might not work for every business. Some businesses might consider using this time to delve deeper into podcasting, video content or even viral memes.

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand because Google happily rewards websites that produce high-quality content that draws large numbers of site visitors. By driving traffic to their sites, businesses will increase their domain authority, thereby raising their ranking in the SERPs. Even better, a large catalogue of comprehensive content can help to diversify a website’s traffic, which helps to maintain a large number of visitors for longer because it increases the size of a business’s online audience.

Content creation isn’t fast or easy, especially if businesses want to ensure that content is high-quality and attractive to their online audience. Often, businesses find greater content marketing success by outsourcing content generation and promotion, perhaps to an SEO agency that prioritizes content but at least to freelance content creators with experience in the business’s field.

Work out Any Website Issues

Another good reason to hire an SEO agency, or at least a qualified SEO freelancer, is that on-site, technical SEO can be difficult for businesses to manage on their own. While many businesses focus on building backlinks and social media, their search ranking might remain stagnant because their website simply doesn’t measure up to Google’s high standards. A website with missing meta-data, broken links, confusing navigation or slow load speed will be penalized with low rankings until those issues are fixed.

Many businesses refrain from updating their website for as long as possible, but that isn’t a good strategy for courting a high search ranking on Google. Older websites tend to have higher authority, but websites with frequent updates demonstrate a commitment to eliminating glitches and providing a quality experience to site visitors. It might be wise for businesses to perform a site audit to identify any issues that might warrant minor or major updates.

Build a Better Backlink Profile

Backlinks are the backbone of effective SEO, and though most businesses understand the importance of linking, few recognize that effective linking takes a substantial effort. Not all backlinks are worth a business’s time and money; links need to come from authoritative and relevant sites, and they need to be buried in valuable and relevant content. Then, businesses need to monitor their backlink profile and regularly update any links that no longer serve a purpose.

It might be wise for businesses to use this time to build relationships with authoritative publishers around the web. There are dozens of ways to reach out, establish a connection and earn a high-quality link — for example, businesses might look for broken links that need to be replaced, or they might search out content that would benefit from a link to a more comprehensive resource available on the business’s blog. Ultimately, because building backlinks can be so difficult, businesses might determine to outsource this SEO task, as well.

Just because the world looks quite a bit different than it did in 2019 doesn’t mean that businesses need to abandon regular endeavors — but it doesn’t mean that businesses should carry on as usual, either. These odd circumstances might make for the right time to invest in more exhaustive SEO efforts, like producing a massive content resource, fixing an outdated website or developing a linking network. However, as long as businesses recognize the importance of maintaining their SEO, 2020 shouldn’t be a loss.
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