Implement Social Distancing with Snapchat Now

  • Snapchat launches two lenses that use AR tech to help people manage safe distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The latest feature also involves friendly reminders from Snapchat about what to do and what not to do to avoid contracting this disease.

Snapchat has recently launched two new lenses, which use the technology of Augmented Reality to promote and encourage the implementation of social distancing, amid this coronavirus pandemic. This has been done in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

This is absolutely amazing news for the millions of people who use Snapchat and look forward to its new features and updates very enthusiastically.

On the functionality front, these lenses use the AR technology in a very precise manner.

The first lens, called “My Social Distance” uses the camera of your device to sense and estimate the mandatory safe distance that you need to keep from other people. A green-colored circle appears around you until you are in that safe zone. However, it gets red/orange instantly if someone is too close within your safe zone.

The second lens has animated renders that keep reminding you about staying home, washing your hands at regular intervals and the importance of not touching your face, to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Snapchat has been making constant efforts to help and support people during this crucial time, by releasing information and updates regarding the coronavirus quite often. Some of these recent updates involved Bitmoji in the initial weeks of March 2020.

Health-related stickers and phrases with good and cheerful advice like “Wash your hands!” and “Stay home if you are feeling sick,” or reminders like “Don’t touch your face!” were introduced in the Bitmoji keyboard to help people stop the spread of this deadly virus.

In this time of global crisis, people are encouraged to voluntarily lock themselves down in their homes and to avoid meeting others. Snapchat team realizes how hard it is to keep everything going smoothly when there is so much chaos and people are so anxious about everything.

So, all of this is done with good intentions, with the Snapchat team’s firm belief that Snapchat users play a vital role in stopping the spread of the COVID-19. While practicing social distancing, people can still benefit and help each other through the full power of technology, whether they are using these tech applications for information, entertainment or keeping in virtual touch with each other.

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat and Bitmoji has been collaborating and working closely with WHO and CDC to ensure that only the correct information is spread about this coronavirus disease.

WHO and CDC publish regular updates for Snapchat users from their official accounts, to ensure the passage of all the latest advices from the experts, and to provide answers to any question from the Snapchat users community, regarding this pandemic and how to deal with it.

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