Prioritizing Health and Safety: Snapchat highlights its efforts amid COVID-19 pandemic

Snapchat announced that it is working hard with World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention to make sure that people are getting the right information about Coronavirus. Snapchat also suggested users to get the latest and authentic info by following World Health Organization (WHO). Snapchat team also announced that they are working with WHO to get the answers to important questions from its community.

Snapchat is introducing many Filters, and Gifs including Stay safe, Stay home, wash your hands frequently, and social distancing to spread awareness among the users. This is an easy way to convey the WHO message towards people. Snapchat’s content moderation team is working instantly to provide some tips and authentic information regularly about COVID-19 including questions and answer sessions with the medical point of view. Snapchat has also worked with the WHO on a new Augmented Reality (AR) filter which includes key details about how people can lower the risk of the virus during this outbreak. It also added various new stickers to help encourage the people for health measures. The social media pp has also highlighted the latest discussion increasing trend within the app, which shows the community response around the coronavirus eruption.

Social media is a great platform to encourage people to take care of themselves and save their loved ones from this deadly Coronavirus; the medium is spreading awareness about prevention from Corona all over the world.

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