8 Top Graphic Design Trends for 2020 [Infographic]

Design must withstand the hands of time. It should be relevant after the project launch but also a couple of years after. You may ask why that is? Because let’s face it, products such as packaging, ads, or any print materials are not the most flexible things. You can not change the book cover appearance the moment it becomes outdated, neither can you immediately redesign the packaging of goods delivered to hundreds of supermarkets.

You should aim to do the same with most of your designs. To make your graphic design projects relevant for many years, one thing you can do is try to forecast the future. Where is the world heading? What aesthetics, concepts, and themes will be popular in graphic design in the upcoming year? How might they change in two or three years?

To save your time and effort, Depositphotos, a photobank with a library of over 145 million visuals, shares a list of top graphic design trends for 2020 that will make your projects look outstanding.

Where graphic design is heading in 2020

As we’re entering the new decade, visual communication is taking a futuristic route. Photographers strive to visualize technology and how people interact with it, while designers are getting outside their comfort zone as they strive to captivate audiences in an era of abundance of visual stimulation.

Some of the trends that will gain momentum this year are brand new and edgy. Designers may take some time to find the best way they can use them in their projects. Meanwhile, there are several graphic design trends from last year that are still relevant in 2020 and are being kept at hand by designers.

Bold types

Using bold types in graphic design projects has been a major trend for a couple of years already. Massive and bold letters are eye-catching and help translate the message to larger audiences. They also speak for themselves and do not require many details to be included in designs.

In 2020, bold types remain relevant as less is still more. Designers who will use this trend in their projects will aim to make their messages not only bold and striking but ambient and memorable as well. To achieve these results, monochrome backgrounds for bold types might change to more artistic and unconventional ones. Or they might also be adorned with ultra-thin geometrical shapes or neon colors in the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Fluid shapes

Fluid shapes were a major trend last year but it will get an upgrade in 2020. If earlier they were used to make a statement that flat, perfect, and over-polished shapes have become boring to both audiences and designers, the message will change in the future.

This year, fluid shapes are a part of the trend “Mixed media” that we describe in the infographic below. Designers will use fluid shapes to experiment with layouts and compositions but also to showcase that in addition to personal works, commercial projects can also have a creative edge.

Neon colors

“The bolder, the better” was the motto of the entire creative industry last year. Designers used multiple neon colors together to make their projects stand out from hundreds of neat ones. This approach to design is still a thing in 2020. However, creatives will use a combination of neon colors for totally different purposes - to convey deeper meanings.

To a large extent, this is due to the anticipated release of “Cyberpunk 2077” in September. The sci-fi vibes and the dystopian aesthetic of the game have influenced fashion, art, photography, and, of course, design. Neon colors will serve a way to express the excitement and concerns of modern society about AI overpowering humanity and that dystopian series like “Black Mirror” are becoming our reality.

In short, last year’s trends such as bold types, fluid shapes, and neon colors will get a futuristic touch and pave the way for other alternative movements and fresh ideas. Designers will seek to reinvent some legendary styles, use the latest tech for multimedia projects, and play visual games with their audiences. There will also be a couple of trends that juxtapose the futuristic ones.

The new graphic design trends are to get designers to appreciate and adapt to new styles, innovative techniques, and surprising new twists in the ever-changing trends.

Graphic design trends 2020 [Infographic]

As most of the graphic design trends for 2020 are infused with futuristic vibes, they can be used together to achieve different goals within one project. Alternative infographics can be executed in the cyberpunk aesthetic and provide alternative visual experience by combining 2D and 3D. In 2020, it’s time for designers to think outside the box and push back the rule “the bolder, the better”.

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