Where WhatsApp Falters, Telegram Proceeds and Shines

Telegram app is WhatsApp’s biggest messaging rival, and there is no doubt about it. Recently, Telegram upgraded its features. It has already proved itself as a user-friendly messenger, but now, with this recent update, it has become much better for larger groups and channels with multiple links.

The coronavirus pandemic has jolted the world with a massive force, so much that the entire world is suffering now. The world economy is in tatters and companies and businesses are crumbling.

Governments have implemented lockdowns and people are now bound in their homes. Schools and universities are teaching online and people are working their jobs from the sanctuary of their homes. This whole situation has exponentially multiplied the usage of internet, with people using messaging apps to stay in virtual touch with each other.

The social messaging apps have taken this whole scenario very seriously, and recently, WhatsApp collaborated with WHO to help and support people and spread the correct information while directing people to the correct informative links and sources, and all these efforts are appreciable.

But sensing the need of the hour, Telegram upped its game further with its own fancy updates.

The most interesting features that are now included in the latest version of Telegram are following:

Previously, there was just an option to archive your chats, but now, with the latest updates, you can create specific folders and categorize your messages and chats through them. However, there are some limitations to this feature.

Telegram will automatically allow chat folders for people who have multiple links and numerous chats to avoid their links from cluttering. It will not be enabled for people with limited chats.

Secondly, those who enable these chat folders and use Android will not be able to swipe to archive. Instead, bulk actions menu for action posts will work for them. Swipe will only work for people who do not have chat folders enabled.

Nonetheless, this updated feature is quite helpful and makes Telegram more organized and aptly categorized.

Another feature that has been added is the ability to synchronize all folders from the connected applications to your desktop. This will allow smooth transitional movement from one device to another, and with the benefit of added icons, the folder recognizability will increase too.

Channels having more than 1000 members can now check the statistic details about the engagement rate of their posts through Channel Stats feature, which has been recently added. This will enable the users to keep a check on the growth rate of their channel.

For people, who are fond of using emoticons and animations, there is good news. Telegram has added new and very interesting animations for video and voice recordings.

With these updates, Telegram has left its rivals like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger behind without any doubt. These updates are being appreciated all over the globe, and if you are also impressed, all you need to do is go on Google Play or iOS Store and download Telegram for yourself to see and experience!

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