These Are The 6 Biggest Visual Trends of 2020 (infographic)

One of the world’s biggest stock photography marketplaces, Depositphotos has put together a report on the visual trends for the coming year. The insightful project showcases what’s trending in visual communication and how designers, artists, and anyone working in the field can use the research and insights for their creative projects.

The report on creative trends of 2020 includes a PDF format that you can explore with thoughts and opinions from 12 creative agencies about the future of visual communication. This insightful report on creative trends was prepared in collaboration with B-Reel, MediaMonks, PIXIT, BBDO Warsaw, Perq Studio, MADCATS, Aimbulance, and Super an der Spree.

Have a quick read on the six main creative trends in this article, but don’t forget to read the Visual Trends 2020 infographic (featured below) for even more insights.

The main visual trends and inspiration for 2020:

The World of Tomorrow

2020 brings us new challenges with visualizing tech advancements and their implications.

Particularly in stock photography, there is a tendency to photograph according to all the latest demands of the market. Clients turn to stock photography websites to find images to illustrate their projects. It goes without saying that in 2020, there will be a spike in demand for tech-related topics.

As the world continues to awe over the latest technological advancements, stock photographers have to get on board with the search inquiries that are about to come flooding in. We’ll hear more about automation, robotics, security, connected world, 5G, AI, cybersport, Internet of Things, artificial neural networks, and cloud health.

With this in mind, there are lots of complex topics in technology to cover. If we’re going to be talking about them, we need a solid source to go to to help us visualize the things that are going to become an integral part of our lives.

Neon Dystopia

The cyberpunk aesthetic and neon color palettes add futuristic vibes to thematic projects.

Some notable TV shows have taken the world by storm. Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and Blade Runner are a few examples that inspired designs and artworks around the world. It could be that in 2020, the release of the anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 will spark pop culture reinvestment into the sci-fi genre that focuses on AI overpowering humanity.

This is considered one of the most exciting creative trends for artists and designers to get on board with. From bold neon colors to imaginative utopian worlds - fuel your imagination with endless possibilities. The Neon Dystopia trend with cyberpunk roots will likely influence fashion and pave the road to futuristic undertones in other fields of art and design.

Brutalism and digital decay

The modernist movement stretches beyond architecture to break away designs from strict rules.

Brutalism made a huge comeback with growing popularity for the architectural style on Instagram. Fast forward to today, and it’s being interpreted in really creative ways for website designs and graphic design in general.

Experts say that brutalism is by far not an easy course to take. Brutalist design may have started with architecture, but the style has transitioned into the digital world a while ago. The appreciation for Brutalism evolved on Instagram, and today can be seen in unexpected places around the web.

The design trend with this “raw” aesthetic commands attention. It’s by far not an easy direction to take with website design (as an example), but can certainly help you tap into the minds and hearts of an audience that can appreciate the absence of perfectionist layouts, grids, and compositions.

Muted shades break

Muted colors in all their shades can be both subtle and attention-grabbing.

The colors that come to mind when we talk about muted shades is likely the popular Tranquil Dawn and Neo-mint from 2019. In a pool of bold designs and daring artistic choices, muted shades communicate a kind of sophistication that can only be achieved with a minimalist touch.

Pastel colors simply soothe the eye. Soft color palettes can also be extremely communicative. The sophistication of muted shades in designs provides a minimalist touch and a calmness we sometimes long for in the crowded online space of bold and daring designs.

But soft shades of our favorite colors aren’t just for design projects. Muted shades are a direct answer to balancing nature and tech to serve as the perfect break for your eyes and mind. First and foremost, color choices in line with this trend go back to the roots of minimalism. We need JOMO to make a comeback.

Organic motion graphics

Animation and videos that draw inspiration from organic forms tend to captivate us all.

With the right tools, artists and designers can create animations that seem out of this world. They’re mesmerizing and fun, especially when inspiration comes from nature and organic forms.

It’s also the best way to hold someone’s attention in an overcrowded space - with digital noise is captivating 3D design magic. We’re referencing animated designs that either define or defy the rules of gravity. Users feel drawn to mesmerizing designs showing soothing movement, fluid shapes, and deconstructed forms in constant movement.

This trend is as much about technology, art, design, and animation, as it is about fascination with organic forms and 3D elements. Set them in motion, and you’ve got a chance to stand out, but also make your projects more dynamic. This creative trend is also about investing in the skills and creativity it takes to put together complex animations like this one.

Honest close-ups

Details matter, especially with your choice of visuals if you aim to be authentic and open.

Brands are taking the honest route with images showcasing close-ups of products, focusing on the quality, and underlining the importance of being open with clients. Honest close-ups, especially with photography, is a creative trend that has re-emerged unexpectedly. And it’s all about details.

The advertising trend we noticed this year is the use of images that showcase products in extreme detail to focus on the things that matter the most. Brands are moving towards being more open and honest with images that really can’t lie.

As an extension of this trend, many are preferring minimal post-production with movements around the world that frown upon invasive tuning of an image. Expect to see less-post production with images in 2020 and more attention to the details that matter.

Visual Trends 2020 - infographic

To sum it up

Trends in visual communication are ever-evolving. The surprising spin on this year’s trends was the influence of technology on art and design and growing concerns with the implications of AI.

Although it’s hard to predict what’s really going to be the next big thing in visual communication, we must have come close. Based on thorough research and dozens of opinions from experts, we wanted to give you a more fun and well-rounded outlook on the visual trends that will be popular this year.

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