Microsoft Decides To Say Goodbye To AnyVision's Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft’s relationship with AnyVision was simply a minority investment by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund.

Microsoft never used AnyVision products or technology in its own products, so AnyVision did not have an impact on the success of Microsoft’s own facial recognition products.

The decision regarding divesting shares in AnyVision has come in response to the criticism that the associate company to face for being involved in a mass surveillance program. Although no conclusive evidence has come out to support the alleged news but Microsoft and AnyVision found the split as in the best interests of both the companies.

Microsoft and AnyVision’s joint statement specified that Microsoft is “making a global change to its investment policies to end minority investments in companies that sell facial recognition technology.”

Prior to backing off, Microsoft called Congress to introduce regulations regarding facial recognition technology to protect it from getting misused and of course for protecting human rights. Besides that, the company’s president, Brad Smith, has always been very clear about the fact that the more powerful a tool is, the greater the benefit or damage it can cause.

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Post updated on 4th April 2020.
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