Google’s latest video sheds light on ‘How to Help’ as the most popular search trend

This Sunday, Google posted a video, which highlights the most common search topic these days, and one of those topic is “How to help?”

This is the second video message by Google amid coronavirus pandemic. The earlier footage was focusing on thanking the front-line health care workers.

The data analysis of Google Trends, and the annual Year in Search recap help in recognizing worldwide queries, and “how to help medical workers” was one of the most popular searches so far.

So, as per the analysis, Google’s video ads shine a light on the most popular and most searched topics these days. For example, when a user types “how to help” in the search bar, it basically reflects how people are keen and looking for ways to extend help to their communities, works, health care workers, small businesses and elderly people in their surroundings. This has always been a hot topic of search, but now it has become more popular owing to the critical phase the world is going through, since the beginning of 2020.

The new video is one minute and thirty seconds long with a tag line “Where there’s help, there’s hope,” and the instrumental version of St. Vincent’s “New York” playing in the background.

The message of the video is very profound, and it says that the whole world is indebted to every essential worker and healthcare provider who is facing this pandemic head-on and fighting it on the front lines, and grateful for whoever is helping and supporting these people.

The world thanks to them for every late night, every extra shift, and every missed dinner at home. The world will always remain thankful to them for all their sacrifices, but also for the sacrifices their families and loved ones are making in kind.

The first video ad by Google that was posted last in March was also a “Thank You” message, which was aimed towards the medics, paramedics and all the healthcare providers, including experts and researchers too. This video was made in recognition of the global surge in searches for “how to thank healthcare workers.” It also featured answers to queries like “how to flatten the curve?” and “How can I help hospitals?” “How can I help nurses and doctors?” was also amongst the popular searches.

Google’s message in both the video ads is simple and beautiful. It is “To everyone sacrificing so much to save so many, thank you!”

But Google is not thanking and appreciating with these video massages alone! It is doing a lot more.

On Momday, has announced a $1 million donation to GiveDirectly’s Bay Area COVID-19 Fund that aims to raise $5 million to “help support 5,000 families with direct cash transfers in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Alphabet and Google CEO is also contributing $1 million for the community in this crucial time.

These kind gestures and helpful measures by this tech giant are truly appreciable.

Thank you, Google!

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