YouTube continues its clampdown on controversial content

During a recent interview with NBC, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared the company’s updated protocol for tackling ‘controversial content.’ This includes content that may potentially hurt the individual content creators, journalists, and historic channels.

Wojcicki said that YouTube is fighting really hard to detect and remove illicit content. She further said that the company periodically updates its policies to contain the situation. In fact, the video streaming platform has made over 50 changes to its policy over the past couple of years. The modifications also include hate speech rules and harassment policy.

According to CEO Wojcicki, the hate speech rules were introduced in the mid of 2019 and reduced many creator’s revenues after mass demonetization on the platform. Similarly, the company updated its harassment rules in December 2019. The change punished creators that went far with their use of language by demonetizing their channels or having the specific content removed.

Just a few days back, when creators were already observing a reduced CPM, YouTube demonetized multiple channels and had their content taken down for violation of their policy.

Earlier this week, YouTube also introduced rules that restricted the creator’s dialogues regarding the novel pandemic COVID-19 and prohibited them from debating its existence or transmission – as described by WHO and local health authorities.

Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

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