To Fight The Coronavirus Fabrication And Misinformation; Google Is Donating 6.5 Million Dollars More To The World

Google has been on the top when it comes to supporting people and organizations to combat again the COVID-19. Google which has previously given loads of money and help to organizations is now expanding its coronavirus support up to 6.5 million dollars. They are increasing their support because they want to fight the misinformation which is circulating about the coronavirus. The 6.5 million dollar support will be pledged to fact-checking and to non-profit organizations.

Since the virus is rapidly spreading around the world; misinformation is spreading with it. Misinformation can put people’s lives into danger as much as the virus itself. For this reason; Google has already donated millions of learning resources and partnered with California to fight the misinformation. The company has also donated millions of dollars to spend on learning and educational aids. The Google News Initiative (GNI) has stepped up in support of the first draft of this non-profit support. It has provided a hub that is an online resource that is dedicated to crisis training about Coronavirus throughout the world. The first draft itself is using the crosscheck network to help the newsroom in responding quickly. This way there will be less chance of fake news. Google is also renewing their support system in Brazil which will help in a proper verification; the project is ‘Comprova Brazil’

Google News Initiative (GNI) is now also supporting regional fact-checking like, Poltifiact, LatamChequa, Kaisar Health, and Full Face because these teams are responsible for tackling the misinformation about the Corona Virus in their individual and respective regions. Google will also provide additional funding to many different organizations so that the primary data sources will be empowered and will be easily accessible to the reporters who work on the stories requiring data. Some of the organizations which are benefiting from the data are the Australian Science Media Centre, Stanford's Big Local Newsgroup, SciLine based at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, creators of and the JSK Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University.

The final good deed by Google will be to train more than 1000 journalists of Nigeria and India so that they will be able to detect misinformation if the need arises. Health authorities and the fact authenticators require help when they identify topics that are frequently searched by people. So that people are able to get good and reliable information in these times of disruption. Many people ask various questions related to health which need a proper and real answer instead of a fake one. so, google stepping up to help people in getting honest answers is one of the best things that can happen to the world during this time of need.

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