A happy time for Group Admins as Facebook plans to launch new Bulk Respond Option

Facebook developers’ team is working to provide Bulk respond option to the administrators of different groups.

These responses will be based on specific keywords and alerts.

For example, if there are certain posts in which the word “Violence” is used several times, or there is a specific alert or topic that is being discussed by the members of the group, the group administrator can formulate a response based on the trend and bulk-post it. At once!

It is a well-known fact that making a group is easy, but maintaining it, and properly managing it is the difficult part. It is necessary to keep generating interesting content regularly, to keep the group growing and gaining more popularity with time.

So, Administrators often face this conundrum about how to go on with the tedious task of management, keeping everything and everyone alive and connected while also managing and policing the content being posted. So, they hire moderators and other supporters to keep it going smoothly.

Another problem that usually arises is that group members often get upset and start leaving if their queries remain un-answered for a long time or their posts do not receive comments from the admin or the moderators.

Sometimes, they send private messages to the admin if there is an urgent matter or something important, but due to the content-overload, the admin misses these messages, and this results in getting negative feedback too.

The evergreen fight amongst members about “the admins responded to you, but they not replied to me” is something that every admin unintentionally and inadvertently often faces. And on more occasions than you can expect!

Therefore, this new feature of Facebook as spotted by Matt Navarra, which will allow the admins to respond to all keyword alerts, member-reported content, and pending posts, all at once, is going to be a gift sent from the heavens above.

People always seek the attention of others because they want to be heard. Through social media platforms like Facebook, it has become easier for people to reach out and speak about their woes and concerns. And if they feel ignored, the negative feelings build up within them, making them more agitated.

These days, life, in general, has become difficult for people all around the world, due to a major pandemic crisis. Because of this, there has been a rise in the feelings of general anxiety, depression, and gloom amongst people of various castes, races, and nationalities.

So, this Bulk-respond feature will be very small, but a significant effort from Facebook to help and support more people out there.

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