Keep it Real and Profound with Facebook Messenger’s New Auto-Status Feature

Jane Manchun Wong reported that Facebook is testing a new “Auto-Status” feature to be incorporated in its Messenger application.

With this feature, you will be able to update your location, weather and some other indicators on automatic basis. With this kind of visual representation, you will be able to let people know what you are doing and what you are up to at a given time. This visual will appear on top of the profile image in the Messenger app.

A question may arise that sharing location and other details with everyone on the list may not be a promising idea.

Relax! The good news is that you can choose which contacts to share this Auto-Status with, so your details will not be visible to everyone.

Also, another key point is that the exact location will not be shared. It will just be a representative mention - like a café, restaurant, and not its exact name or address. It will only be there so that if any of your friends want to drop by knowing that you are at a café at that time, they can, after confirming the name of that café with you, that is.

Also, for parents who are usually nervous about their young kids going out on their own, and for mothers who keep worrying and calling their children from time to time, to locate their position; this feature is going to be beneficial for them.

Facebook Messenger is working to port Instagram Threads “Auto Status” feature

Auto-Status feature is close to the Threads app of Instagram, which was launched last year only. Its functionality is somewhat similar, as it was designed especially for sharing with your close ones.

But data found out that the Threads app has not gained much popularity, and this could be because of other features of Instagram, like Boomerang or IGTV apps.

However, Facebook Messenger’s Auto-Status has a probable chance to become popular because it will be available for a wider audience. So, there is a hope that it will become a more relevant tool for connecting people than Instagram’s Threads app. And if Auto-status becomes popular on Messenger, there is a likelihood that Facebook will bring it to the main Instagram application as well as on WhatsApp. Because with the integration work of the back-end messaging infrastructure going on, it is very plausible that any feature that launches in one app finds its way in the other integrated apps too.

However, much can be said only when the feature launches on Messenger. It is still unknown when that will happen. Facebook has only confirmed the ongoing testing process in this regard.

Let us just wait and watch!

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