Apple’s New Acquisition Could Make Siri Better Than Ever

Major tech companies are vying for dominance in a lot of different ways and the fact of the matter is that this is leading to their products and services being maximized in a way that we may never have seen before. Hence, if you were to look into different things that you can do in order to figure out which tech company’s products you want to go for, you would see that one of the battles that are being fought quite passionately has to do with voice assistants.

You probably have a voice assistant on your phone. Whether it’s Siri, Cortana or Google Voice Assistant, there are a lot of options in this regard and most of these options are vying for dominance. One major problem that has made the normalization of these voice assistants a little more difficult than it might have been otherwise has to do with the fact that they often can’t understand what you are saying. You have to speak somewhat formally and rigidly and most of the time your accent might play a role in whether or not you are able to use these voice assistants properly in the first place.

Apple’s new acquisition might just be a game changer for them as well as for the voice assistant industry in general. The reason behind this is that the acquisition is of the startup Voysis which focused on an AI that would teach voice assistants to better understand colloquialisms as well as relatively informal language. The thing about this acquisition is that it would make Siri better able to understand you all in all, and this is the sort of thing that might just take the voice assistant industry to a whole new level, one that would be infinitely improved and therefore bring us into the future even more so than we are right now. Voice assistants would be able to function a great deal more efficiently and it would make it more likely that you might just use some kind of a voice assistant for the purposes of getting things done. A lower likelihood of being understood is what makes people reluctant to use voice assistants in the first place, and this acquisition might just make voice assistants have a more global focus as well.

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