Facebook Adds New Video Features To Help Creators Attract More Viewers To Their Content

  • Facebook is helping creators to increase their viewership for their content by adding more video features to the Facebook Watch tab.
  • The company has updated the playlists to be more integrated, added ‘series’ as an expansion of playlists, created a ‘Videos Tab’ for Facebook pages, and Bulk Uploader has also been updated.
  • Will the Facebook Watch feature be able to become a YouTube competitor?

This week, Facebook added new video features to Facebook Watch to help content creators gather more audience for their video content. Facebook added these features after the company experienced more number of users streaming through the platform to watch videos online. Previously Facebook Watch features were only available to partners but now all page admins will be able to access these features.

Facebook stated that they have updated the playlists to be more integrated for uploading new content. The creators will not have to launch a new Page for publishing new content. The related video update will show the name of the playlist so that users will be able to watch the rest of the playlist thematically. There is a unique URL assigned to each playlist which will help the creators to share their content with other sites to increase viewership. Playlists help the creators to make dedicated video groupings. If you organize your playlists, Facebook’s infrastructure will be able to recommend the related videos to the audience which will probably be from your playlists or series. Playlists help you display your content in a way that you want your viewers to see.

A new playlists expansion is ‘Series’ which is useful for episodic content. This feature will enable you to display your content into episodes. The platform will display viewers a list-view of all your episodes when they tap on any of your videos which enables them to surf between episodes and seasons more easily. The audience can also play the content from where they left watching and creators can also add seasons, show marks, and trailers of your episodes.

A new Videos Tab has also been added to your page. This tab will separate your video content including playlists and series into groupings. The new tab includes options for viewers to follow your page, and to update their notification configuration so they will always get a notification whenever you upload a video to your page.

Bulk Uploader feature has also been updated by the company. Creators can now upload up to 50 videos to one page by a single tap. More editing features such as auto-captions, to add multiple videos to series and playlists, and to add in ads to your posts, etcetera will be added to bulk uploader soon by the company.

You can use all of these features within the Creator Studio. You can get technical information related to these features from Facebook’s announcement post and guidelines from the company’s official guide.

Facebook is adding more features to Facebook Watch to make it a compelling video streaming platform and this might help the platform to become a YouTube competitor. Right now the platform is struggling to make its way to gather more audiences to become a better competitor for YouTube by providing better facilities for content creators to create more video content.

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