Get all information about COVID-19 by a simple tap on Facebook and TikTok now

Facebook and TikTok have recently come up with the idea of introducing a Quick Access tab in the news feed. These tabs will help the users to acquire all the latest updates and knowledge regarding the Coronavirus disease.

As the world is going through the crisis of coronavirus, there have been many casualties so far. More than 200 countries in the world have been afflicted by this disease and millions of people have been affected by it.

People are living in self-imposed quarantines, and everything else including businesses, education, and economy are falling apart. Practices like social distancing are being implemented, with governments issuing strict actions for people who still go out unless it is absolutely necessary.

This type of lockdown situation has left people quite distressed, and at the mercy of internet. The exponential rise in the usage of tech applications is very suggestive of the fact that people are becoming extremely reliant on these technologies to pass their time, to carry on whatever work they can do from homes, and for study purposes also.

Google, Amazon, WhatsApp, and many other tech companies have been taking very efficient steps to spread correct information to the people and to nullify the mythical, falsified, and outrageous news and facts about this disease. Facebook especially has taken many steps for content policing, but as time is passing, and as this pandemic continues, people are getting more agitated and more anxious.

Nobody knows when all this situation will be back to normal, but in these distressing times, thanks to these tech giants, people still turn towards them for information as well as entertainment.

Facebook and TikTok have decided to take advantage of their massive popularity and usage around the globe. Recently, news has been making rounds that Facebook and TikTok are rolling out Quick Access tabs in the main feed of users profile.

Screenshot: TestingCatalog / Twitter

So, all the information, the latest news, updates, medical advancements, and other vital facts will be one click away only.

This is a good step, making all the important knowledge available for everyone. However, some users are also finding this feature as a scarecrow, rather than actually being useful.

Only time will tell whether it is a good or not. We cannot judge it until it is launched. In the meanwhile, let us just stay low and safe.

Screenshots courtesy of MattNavarra.

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