Social Media Is Dominating During The COVID-19 But Not The Way You Think So

With every passing day, coronavirus is forcing more and more countries to opt for a complete lockdown. This, as a result, is leaving citizens dependent on their smartphones and the associated digital tools more than ever. Some want to stay connected with their social circle through social media apps while others are using it for maintaining professional relationships or carry on with their office work.

But amidst all the hype related to the recent hike in the popularity of social media apps, how much has the situation really changed for social media giants like Facebook or entertainment apps like TikTok? As far as we know these apps were already ruling the world for the past few years now.

However, the assumptions about the incline aren’t necessarily true for every platform. To explain what that means, we are precisely about to look at how the search interests of people have changed in the times of the global pandemic and how their preferences have affected the usage of “so-popular” connectivity apps.

Who Is Winning?

TikTok is once again the clear winner in terms of engagement. In fact, the short-form video-sharing app has seen a 47% incline in the past month in terms of interest.

Right below TikTok is Snapchat at the second position that has seen an 18.5% uptick in March.

When we look at the success of these both platforms, much of the credit goes to how majority of the youth (and especially teenagers) around the world are free for a relatively long time and they now have the time to play with the apps that are majorly created for their entertainment purposes. So, them being homeschooled has turned out to be a blessing for video and picture sharing platforms.

Who Is Doing Comparatively Well In The Race?

As Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are mostly used by adults, hence these platforms have also experienced a 15% increment in search interest lately.

Pinterest is still not falling very short with 5% increase - but that is pretty much understandable considering how the site mostly focuses on non-essential product inspirations.

Who Is Failing?

LinkedIn is the only large social networking site that has been unfortunate with a 23% drop in search attention. As the global economy is already suffering because of COVID-19 and this obviously means that employers would continue to hesitate connecting with new talented employees to get the work done. However LinkedIn's own data suggests a major boost in the users engagement.

While the situation can become worse for LinkedIn, apps like Zoom have the chance to make it big as a replacement!

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