WHO Uses Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Provide Interactive Coronavirus Service

People need to learn from authentic resources as much as possible about the pandemic that we are currently facing in order to feel better about their futures, and the World Health Organization (WHO) is one of the most prominent agency in the world right now in terms of getting people correct information they need, especially due to the reason that it is a highly reliable organization and many people will only trust information that they are getting if it is somehow coming from or at the very least approved by this international organization all in all.

Hence, in order to address the issues that we are currently facing with misinformation and the like, the WHO introduces a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to provide users with a coronavirus service that is interactive as well as extremely helpful in a lot of different ways. The way this service works is that you can sign up for a wide variety of health alerts, all of which would be incredibly useful in a lot of different ways. These health alerts can help you stay up to date with all kinds of information about the current crisis, and if you use it you can rest assured that you will be given any and all pertinent information on this matter and you would therefore most likely stop relying on sources that are not all that useful and might just give you a wide variety of information that is downright false.
"We are very pleased that the WHO has decided to use Messenger and through their partnership with Sprinklr was able to deploy the experience so quickly. We will continue to leverage the unique nature and reach of the Messenger platform to help people everywhere connect during this unprecedented moment.", announced Facebook Messenger team in a blog post.
This is not the first messaging service that WHO has used to provide alerts. WhatsApp has also been used and it has allowed the WHO to reach millions of people, but Messenger is even more accessible to a lot of different people out there which means that this service has now broadened its reach by a pretty large margin all in all.

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