WHO to the Rescue: WhatsApp Goes Extra Miles to Help People Overcome Fears of Coronavirus

World Health Organization (WHO) is coming up with all possible ways to provide information regarding coronavirus.

Social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp are try their best to spread the facts and curb the misinformation.

The struggle of distributing “authentic” content in timely manner is a real struggle, in the past WhatsApp has faced a lot of criticism for facilitating fake news.

The coronavirus that initially originated from Wuhan, China is now stated as a Global pandemic by WHO. With its horrendous outbreak, it has affected millions of people and has claimed many lives already...and it’s still spreading! Almost every country is taking quarantine and social distancing measures to combat the disease.

In these times of global social distress, people are staying at home all the time, with restaurants, bars, malls, and other recreational activities at a halt. This has prompted the extensive use of smartphones and mobile applications, social media sites taking the lead amongst them all. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have become the major sources of communication. Recently, Facebook, YouTube, and other applications took measures to stop spreading false news, and now WhatsApp is taking responsible measures in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

On Friday, WHO launched a chat bot for WhatsApp messenger app where it provides details, precautionary measures and other authentic information regarding coronavirus. All user around the world who have Whatsapp installed on their devices can simply start conversation with bot by simply adding this number in contacts +41798931892 and sending a simple hi. This is an effective, easy and safe way to gain information and clear all the misconceptions and myths regarding this pandemic, and the virus itself!

This feature will also provide answers to frequently asked questions about this virus. The Facebook-owned messaging app has launched a Coronavirus Information Center to help you stay up to date with the latest official health information.

It is one of the best steps taken by these social media infotainment sites to help share reliable information and bust the myths and all falsified claims regarding the vicious COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. People need to become more responsible in sharing news too because it is very easy to spread misinformation and propaganda nowadays through these media. This global pandemic is not a joke, as it has now infected more than 265,000 people and killed more than 11,000 globally.

Be vigilant and stay safe everyone! That is the need of the hour.

Here's how to get the right facts from WHO right in your Whatsapp messenger app

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