Google Is Making Its Own Chips For Pixel Phones & Chromebooks, Just Like Apple

There is no doubt in the fact that Apple has set new standards within the ever-growing smartphone industry when it comes to the hardware. However, what we didn’t know by now is that Google seems to be inspired by its competitor and has planned to start making their own chips to empower its Pixel phones and even Chromebooks.

Google’s history with hardware has received mixed reactions. The company’s Pixel phones have mostly been praised for camera work, software and photo processing. But Pixel devices were to date still relying on standard Qualcomm processors.

Apple, on the other hand, has been designing its own custom processors (the-A-series) for years now, all with the aim to suit the performance of OS in iPhones and applications. As a result, we then see iPhones being easily compatible with new apps and OS versions for a good amount of time.

As first leaked in the Axios report, Google’s new in-house chip will be called as “Whitechapel”. The tech giant has already signed the deal with Samsung in order to incorporate their 5-nanometer process. Further details of the chip include an 8-core-ARM based processor, along with dedicated on-chip resources for machine learning and Google Assistant.

For more surprises, Google has already received the first working prototype of the processor, but it is expected that the company will take one more year to fix the shortcomings and then release it officially in their Pixel devices first. This also means that we may see one more generation of Pixel phones which will have a third party processor inside it.

The chip will also make its way into Chromebooks as well, but this will take a bit of time.

Rumours within the industry also suggest that Apple is already working on shifting its Macbook lineup to their customized ARM-based processors as its A-series chips now stand head to head with the ones that Intel make and in some cases even surpass its competitors.

Google already has transitioned its Chromebooks to ARM-based and with more improvements in the chip in times to come, one can expect Google living up to the expectations in terms of performance and maybe beating Apple in its processing specialities too.

Google Is Making Its Own Chips For Pixel Phones & Chromebooks, Just Like Apple

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