Google Featuring a News Section of Coronavirus across All Its Provided Services

Every day, the top search word is becoming Coronavirus. It even exceeds the search for weather, news and even showbiz. Because of this; Google has compiled all the information about the virus for its users. Now, there is a COVID-19 tab everywhere from news to assistants and in podcasts too. If you are looking for latest information about Coronavirus then you can easily get access to it. You can access it from any Android and iOS phone and you can also access it from the web.

Google has collected all the data and organized it according to its newness and the dates. You can find local and international news relating to COVID-19 (there are two different tabs for each category). There is the latest category for COVID-19 and under it, you can find articles and news related to it like the Economic impacts of the virus, healthcare, travel during the lockdown, sciences, and research about the virus (this feature is available in 10 countries).

The tab of ‘global impact’ shows research and news from America, Africa, Europe, East Mediterranean, Western Pacific, and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, Google is experimenting on the best way to check facts and information with a section dedicated solely to controlling the misinformation about the coronavirus. Google is trying its best to highlight the latest ways to prevent, treat and about the symptoms of the coronavirus which have been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other sources which are completely authentic. This new feature will also be powering the things which appear in the Google Search knowledge panels and also in SOS Alerts when users search for the virus of the corona.

On the other hand, when a user asks the ‘Google Assistant’ about the latest coronavirus news; the Google assistant will provide up to date results as well. If you want to search for the virus in a certain city then you can ask the assistant for a specific city.

The same goes for the Google Podcasts, recently the ‘revamped explore tab’ has devoted a whole tab to the news about the virus. It contains hundreds of new and authentic podcasts about all aspects of the coronavirus.

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